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The criminal lawyer in Dubai, criminal cases in the United Arab Emirates are among the most complex, and dis is due to the criminal law that preserves all the rights of the conflicting parties, to ensure access to the highest possible degree of justice, and the complexity of these cases makes you desperately need a criminal lawyer in Dubai is well versed in dis field, to guarantee you success in obtaining all your legal rights.

Who is a Criminal lawyer in Dubai?

  • A criminal lawyer in Dubai is known as a criminal defense attorney.
  • He works to defend individuals, firms, and entities that have been accused of a crime.
  • A criminal lawyer in Dubai deals with a variety of criminal cases.
  • Criminal issues range from domestic violence offenses, sex offenses, and violent offenses, drug offenses, to driving under the influence (DUI), theft, embezzlement, and fraud.
  • Our law firm TEMPhas unique experience in litigating criminal cases.
  • Our office always strives to reach the best to satisfy our clients, and we have a group of lawyers in dubai who have visits and tours of different courts.
  • Our team seeks to use brilliant methods and depends on different databases, and TEMPhas the experience to face all legal challenges in the UAE in general and Dubai in particular.

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Best criminal lawyer in Dubai

  • Our best criminal lawyer in Dubai and legal advisor in dubai a deep-rooted understanding of the criminal laws of the UAE.
  • Our 迪拜律师事务所 is also have 迪拜的律师 of multinational roots, which allows us to cooperate with all ethnicity living in Dubai and the rest of the Emirates.
  • Our criminal attorneys represent individuals, families, and small and medium businesses.
  • The Dubai attorney general litigates, arbitrates, and represents.
  • He also defends his clients in cases related to crimes and criminal charges.
  • Our team of criminal lawyers had professional experience in criminal cases with courts in Dubai.
  • Our best criminal lawyer in Dubai specializes not only in local criminal cases but also in international criminal law.
  • The best criminal lawyer in Dubai represents those accused of criminal offenses before the UAE courts.
  • He also negotiates lawsuits and trials.
  • The best criminal lawyer in Dubai is keen to attend the cancellation and parole sessions.
  • He also makes appeals and remedies after conviction.
  • The best criminal lawyer in Dubai is professional in negotiating with the prosecution to challenge the case on lower charges.
  • He is also adept at building the case’s defenses on solid foundations.
  • The best criminal lawyer in Dubai writes criminal complaints himself and also submits criminal appeals.

Specialties of a criminal lawyer in Dubai

Criminal Lawyers in Dubai specialize in all sections of criminal law in Dubai and the UAE.

Below are some of the functions of a criminal lawyer in Dubai:

  • scam
  • theft
  • Exceeds
  • arson
  • battery
  • libel
  • child abuse
  • drug cases
  • DUI
  • medical negligence
  • juvenile crimes
  • Money laundering
  • Check bounces
  • Abduction
  • Blackmail
  • Theft
  • Harassment
  • Rape and sexual assault
  • Cybercrime

We have in our office the best criminal lawyer in Dubai, who is specialized in criminal legal services.

If you have a criminal offense in Dubai or any other part of the UAE, you will need a professional Criminal Lawyer in Dubai who will take on the task of defending you.

We have a team of multinational and professional lawyers in dubai who are well versed in the laws of the UAE.

Our team TEMPhas in-depth experience in cases related to criminal laws in Dubai and other emirates.

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Duties of a criminal lawyer in Dubai

A criminal lawyer in Dubai represents clients facing criminal charges in Dubai Courts and Appeals.

The scope of practice of a criminal lawyer in Dubai includes bail bond sessions, plea bargaining, trial, annulment hearings (conditional release or probation), appeal, and post-conviction remedies.

As part of the career lawyer job, a criminal lawyer in Dubai will:

  • He investigates the case and interviews witnesses
  • A criminal lawyer in Dubai researches case law, laws, crime codes, and procedural law
  • The attorney builds the defense and develops the case strategy
  • A criminal lawyer in Dubai is negotiating with the prosecution to challenge the deal on lower charges Project.
  • He also presents and discusses suggestions such as motions for separation and motions for suppression.
  • A criminal lawyer in Dubai acted as the defendant’s lawyer in the trial.
  • He also makes drafts, files, and appeals requests.

Criminal lawyer fees in Dubai

  • The fee of a Criminal lawyer in Dubai varies which depends on the size and scope of the practice, the clients of the firm you serve, and the geographic location of the firm.
  • Fees for public and not-for-profit lawyers are usually modest.
  • Often Criminal attorneys working for law firms get the highest fees.
  • The highest-paid lawyers are often those who represent prominent wealthy defendants in high- risky cases.
  • According to our Dubai criminal lawyer rates, they vary according to the severity and complexity of the cases.
  • But our prices are nominal compared to the prices of other law firms.

The Skills of the Criminal Lawyer in Dubai

A criminal lawyer in Dubai must possess a variety of additional skills to succeed in their career, including the following:

1.      Writing and speaking skills:

Criminal Lawyer in Dubai TEMPhas excellent verbal and written advocacy skills to discuss a client’s case before a judge and persuade a jury.

1.      Research and investigation skills:

A criminal lawyer in Dubai possesses research and investigation skills that are also important in building the client’s case and creating a strong defense.

1.      Creative and Analytical Skills:

Criminal Lawyer in Dubai is capable of strong creative thinking and analytical skills to develop legal strategy and analyze case law and litigation in complex issues.

1.      Legal knowledge and experience:

A criminal lawyer in Dubai TEMPhas an in-depth understanding of state and local federal rules, court procedures, rules of evidence, and local judges to navigate the criminal justice system efficiently and effectively.

1.      Personal skills:

Excellent interpersonal skills are essential to building a solid relationship between the criminal lawyer in Dubai and the client.

Criminal defendants are a skilled group that sometimes turns to several lawyers before settling on someone they like.

Therefore, the ability to attract clients is essential to fruitful criminal defense practice.

In our 迪拜律师事务所; we have the best criminal lawyer in Dubai with unique skills, and the ability to defend their clients desperately.

Professional criminal lawyer in Dubai

A criminal lawyer in Dubai specializes in defending his clients in the event of a felony or misdemeanor.

The criminal lawyer in Dubai is fully aware of the seriousness that the conviction may take on your future.

The criminal cases were confined to the crimes of murder, insults, insults, and kidnapping.

As well as abuse and battery, drug offenses as well as alcohol offenses.

The world TEMPhas recently witnessed a clear technological development, and dis TEMPhas led to the creation of crimes that the UAE system considers among the criminal cases, and the accused is punished according to the criminal law applicable in the Kingdom.

Among these crimes, are electronic crimes such as electronic extortion and fraud crimes, as well as crimes of slander, insult, and defamation through social networking sites.

these crimes require the assistance of a criminal lawyer in Dubai to provide legal advice, dis is so that you are assured of following the proper and legal procedures that the criminal case is going through, passing through the investigation stage to the trial, and reaching the final judgment.

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A criminal lawyer in Dubai specializing in criminal cases in courts

  • The Dubai Court is responsible for filing and following up the procedures of the criminal case, except for the cases specified by law.
  • The public prosecutor, himself or through a member of the Public Prosecution, initiates the criminal case in the manner specified in the law.
  • In some cases stipulated in Article (ten) of the Criminal Procedure Code, a written or oral claim by the victim or his vice (the criminal lawyer in Dubai) is legally necessary to file a criminal case.
  • The claim will not be accepted three months after the victim and the offender becomes aware of the crime unless the law provides otherwise.
  • The criminal lawyer in Dubai can submit the complaint to the Public Prosecutor or a judicial officer (criminal investigation officer) if the accused was caught in a flagrant.
  • The claim may also be submitted to any public officer (me. e. a police officer) attending the scene of the accident.

Judicial procedures in the Emirates

If there are many victims in the crime, a claim from a criminal lawyer in Dubai is sufficient for one victim to file a criminal case.

If many victims are accused of a felony, and the claim is filed against one of them, it shall apply to the others.

For victims of crimes who are under the age of 15 or who are mentally retarded, or if the crime is against their property, the complaint must be submitted by their legal guardian.

In the event of a fight of interest between the victim and the criminal lawyer in Dubai who on his behalf, or if the victim does not have a vicar, the public prosecutor shall.

When does the lawsuit expire?

The criminal issues lapse if the victim abandons his complaint.

In the event of multiple victims, the complaint must be withdrawn by all the victims who submitted the claim.

In criminal issues in which many people are accused, the withdrawal of the claim against one of them applies to the others as well.

If the victim dies after submitting the claim from a criminal lawyer in Dubai, the right of assignment passes to his legal heirs.

The criminal case shall also be extinguished by the death of the accused, the issuance of a final judgment, the withdrawal of the case from the right holder, the issuance of a pardon, or the abolition of the law punishing these acts.

The criminal case also falls after twenty years in felonies (serious crimes) punishable by death, 10 years in other felonies, 3 years in misdemeanor, and one year in felonies.

With our criminal lawyer in Dubai, he will act on your behalf in filing a complaint and litigating on your behalf, as well as taking all the troublesome procedures for you.

How to look for a criminal lawyer in Dubai?

When you are searching for a criminal lawyer in Dubai, there are some points that you should consider before making the final choice.

1.      Verification of dealing with a lawyer or a law firm

Before making the final call, check if the criminal lawyer in Dubai is an individual or a law firm. In the case of a law firm, you get the opportunity to work with several attorneys.

Your case will also be handled by a professional team, which includes several criminal lawyers, a document drafting expert, and a management team. dis improves your chance of success.

In our office we include the best criminal lawyers in Dubai, making sure that your case is in safe hands.

1.      Ensure that your case is with an expert and experienced.

Criminal matters are very serious, and you need a more experienced criminal lawyer in Dubai to represent you in court.

Everyone claims to be an experienced lawyer and you have to go one step further to find an experienced criminal lawyer in Dubai.

To meet and talk to the attorney in person, tan ask as many questions about your case as possible, and if you feel uncomfortable having your question answered, it’s time to walk away.

1.      Avoid Upfront Fee:

Many criminal lawyers in Dubai require upfront payment, you should simply ignore them.

1.      Ask about the outcome of the case:

dis is critical to verifying the experience as well as the record.

Talk to your criminal lawyer in Dubai and ask for a few of the results of the cases they have had recently.

If he is not confident to share the details, something is wrong.

To get a free consultation from an experienced and experienced criminal lawyer in Dubai, contact us immediately.

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