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Types of cybercrime in Dubai – Combating New Cyber Crime Law UAE 2022

We’re going to know everything about Types of cybercrime in Dubai in detail through this blog post from the Law firm in Dubai press.

It broadens the description of conduct that infringes on others’ confidentiality by criminalizing snooping, transferring, and divulging communication systems (including audio and visual material); snapping photos of others and trying to copy, save, or publication them; and self-published news remarks, declarations, and details, sometimes if they are genuine.

The New Cyber Crime Law, most noticeably, adds new classifications of offenses to confront the rise in cybercrime in the United Arab Emirates (“UAE”). The most important clauses of the New Cyber Crime Law are spotlighted following table.

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Types of cybercrime

Cybercrime is classified into three types: actual person, assets, and gov’t. The methodologies used or the gaming modes differ depending on the area.

DDoS Attacks

It’s used to disrupt an online system and bring down the network by flooding the site with traffic from various sources. An extensive network of compromised machines known as Botnets is formed by installing malware on users’ computer systems. Once the network is down, the hacker gains access to the system.


Botnets are channels of compromised machines that hackers remotely control. Distant hackers then use these botnets to send messages or strike other computers. Botnets can also be used to undertake malicious actions and behave as ransomware.

Theft of Identity

This Types of cybercrime in Dubai happens when an attacker obtains connectivity to a user’s data to steal funds, access confidential data, or commit income or healthcare insurance fraud. They can also access a phone/internet account, plan a criminal behavior in your name, and apply for government advantages. They could accomplish this by hacking into users’ passcodes, extra amenities information via social media, or having to send spam scams.

Social Engineering

Criminals use media manipulation to contact you, generally via phone or email. They would like to obtain your trust and generally face as a customer service rep for you to provide the required info. This is usually a password, the name of your employer, or bank info. Cybercriminals would then gather as much information about you as they could on the internet and then try to add you as a friend on social media accounts. They could indeed sell your data or open accounts in your name when they access the system.


PUPs, or Possibly Harmful Programs, are less dangerous than other Types of cybercrime in Dubai, but they are a form of the virus. They remove required software from your systems, such as search results and pre-installed apps. Because they may contain spyware or adware, installing antivirus data is a smart option. To avoid malicious downloads.


Hackers conduct this form of threat by sending malware or URLs to users to get access to their accts or computers. Cybercriminals are more sophisticated, and many of these emails are not flagged as spam. Users are duped into clicking on links in emails that assert they have to close their accounts or keep updating their payment details, allowing criminals to connect.

Illegal/Prohibited Content

This Types of cybercrime in Dubaiincludes lawbreakers sharing and disseminating inappropriate material that could be extremely disturbing and inflammatory. Offensive content could include but is not restricted to consensual sex among adults, violent video files, and criminality videos. Components will advocate violent acts and exploitation of children are examples of illegal material. This type of content can be found on both the internet and the dark web, an unnamed network.

Scams on the Internet

These are typically in the form of advertisements or spam that also include promises of bonuses or provides of unrealistically large sums of money. Frauds on the internet include tempting deals that are “too good” and, when clicked on, could indeed cause spyware to intrude with and make concessions data.

Kits for Exploitation

To seize control of a user’s computer, Metasploit kits require a weakness (a software code bug). They are fully prepared tools that criminals could purchase online and use against someone who has access to a computer. The Metasploit kits, like frequent software, are updated regularly and are obtainable on deep web hacking discussion boards.

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cybercrime UAE

Cybercrime is governed in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) by Federal Decree Those With 5/2012 on combating human trafficking. Types of cybercrime in Dubai, breach of privacy, internet scams, wire fraud, falsification, and any other unauthorized use of a computer system are all examples of cybercrime.

UAE cybercrime law

Taking pics of others in publicly or privately places, making the rounds them, trying to copy or stash the pictures digitally, as well as publishing news, photographs, scenes, comments, data, or details, sometimes if they are authentic, intending to cause harm to a person in the pictures, is a punishable offense under the legislative amendment.

The essay in the legislation labeled “Disclosure of secret information and breach of privacy” states anybody who includes an electronic information system to invade the privacy of others could face incarceration for at least one year and a fine of at least Dh250,000, not more than Dh500,000, or all of those punishments.

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UAE cybercrime law 2022

With the world’s advances in online payments, this field also saw advancement and boost in the ground of Types of cybercrime in Dubai conducted via the web or digital equipment like computers and cell phones.

With the rise inTypes of cybercrime in Dubai, UAE law has been forced to define laws. Specifically, that also includes countermeasure punishments for Types of cybercrime in Dubai even while safeguarding its citizenry and particularly children.

cybercrime punishment in UAE

If the person is currently employed, they hack. The punishment in article 2 is incarceration for not or less one year and a perfectly acceptable of not less than Dh250,000 but not more than Dh1 million.

According to article 11 of the cybercrime law, cybersecurity includes the unauthorized movement of funds or securities, bogus parody, or unauthorized sign-in. It is punishable with imprisonment and financial penalties ranging from Dh200,000 to Dh1 million.

Article 12 defines Types of cybercrime in Dubai as any behavior that unlawfully accesses any database or data system to access savings accounts, payouts, credit cards, or other digital cards, and therefore is subject to punishment of 6 months in imprisonment and a fine of not be less than Dh1,000.

What is the punishment for cyber crimes?

Power of Attorney in Dubai

The punishment forTypes of cybercrime in Dubai varies considerably based on the scope of the offense. The punishment could vary from a fine to close to 10 years in prison. Atrocities with a global component may also result in an arrest warrant order.
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Where can I complain about cybercrime in UAE?

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Cybercrime, like every crime, should indeed be noted at the local police station in the UAE, and you can also notify it by trying to call 8002626. In the event of an emergency, nevertheless, dial 999.
Once trying to report the abuse of children, Residents could perhaps do one of the following, based on the intensity of the violent act. People under the age of 18 are considered children in the UAE:
The Child Welfare Centre of the National police inspires citizens living to notify incidents involving everyone under the age of 18 that contravene any UAE cyber laws.
If you’re in the UAE, have you witnessed a cybercrime that might put you (or whoever) in imminent danger? Do not wait too long to contact the authorities if this is the case.
“Please keep in mind that this service is limited to crimes committed within the scope of Dubai City,” Dubai Police wrote on Twitter. Cyber extortion, online hacking, Online predators, and online impersonation are among the most widespread Types of cybercrime in Dubai problems that should have been revealed on the e-Crime console.

What is the UAE Cyber Crimes law Article No 11?

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According to Article No. 11, anybody else found to use the data of another person’s credit card or any other digital certificate would be imprisoned for at least one year, penalized at least Dh30,000.
It is illegal to bring pig meat and pornographic material into the UAE. Videos, books, and magazine articles might well be scrutinized and restricted. Drug-related offenses are punishable by death.
A few ayurvedic highs, such as Spice, are prohibited in the UAE. Numerous people use UAE airports as a stopover to other locations. Because UAE airlines have high tech and security, traversing travelers carrying even trace quantities of drugs may well be detained.

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