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All you need to know about tenancy law in Dubai

Tenancy law in Dubai Most of the foreigners who come to Dubai is renters. Being a tenant in Dubai appears to be a difficult task because one will need to consider excessive rent, small apartments, maintenance issues, eviction, etc. These are just a few of the problems that renters are now dealing with.

Therefore, the tenancy law in Dubai has taken serious steps to establish tight rules that respect the rights and interests of tenants. If you believe it’s entirely in favor of the landlord, you’re mistaken.

Tenancy law in Dubai

After seeing this from the perspective of both the occupier/tenant and the landlord, our occupier & landlord team provides advice throughout the lifecycle of property assets. We guide various properties, including retail stores, business offices, and residential housing developments.

Our combined cross-practice team has an impressive portfolio of clients in multiple sectors, including, among others, insurance, healthcare, retail, and hospitality. Leasing management, set-up and construction challenges, exit and disposal strategies, portfolio management, restructuring, and relocations are all part of our transactional services.

We offer the best tenancy lawyers in Dubai with a full spectrum of conflict resolution, mediation, and arbitration services on the contentious side.

Our tenant lawyers rely on significant industry knowledge to deliver reliable advice based on an in-depth grasp of the real estate market. This expertise ensures that portfolios and locations are successful and profitable.

Our tenancy law in Dubai team successfully combines international standards. With relevant local market knowledge to provide a worldwide property management solution to customers. Regardless of where our client is located.

New rental law in Dubai

Rental disputes are among the most prevalent legal conflicts globally, particularly in Dubai. The cheap repair cost and significant rental income are the most common causes of rental disputes. Due to various factors, including the changing economy, a working-class person will never be able to manage such a situation. This is why it is the best essential way to seek sound advice from an experienced lawyer in such cases.

Our law firm offers the best tenancy law in Dubai. It provides essential support and direction for rental disputes by allowing well-experienced rental dispute lawyers in Dubai to handle these issues. These situations are extremely difficult to manage without a legal representative’s assistance.

To resolve rental issues or disputes, land tenants and landlords must clearly understand their responsibilities and rights. Our Dubai lawyers can provide you with a thorough understanding of rent laws as well as any loopholes that may be favorable to your case. If you want legal assistance, please reach out to us right away. Some common rental issues that cause disputes are below.

  • Increasing rent
  • Asking to evict because of not paying the rent
  • Demanding rent deposit
  • If the landlord fails to look into the property’s maintenance, a defect is reported, or damage repair is refused.
  • Poor/No maintenance
  • Rent without taking the landlord’s content

Tenancy law early termination

Are you planning on getting out of your lease early? Please keep in mind that the Dubai tenancy law does not allow for the early termination of a lease agreement. For the duration of the lease, the rental rule solely applies to landlord-tenant relationships.

In this tenancy law in Dubai of early termination, law number 26 applies, which is an agreement that binds both the tenant and landlord and cannot be terminated by one person without the consent of the other.

The tenancy contract cannot be terminated by just one person, like the tenant or landlord. The landlord and the renter must mutually terminate it during the contract duration. So, unless this agreement specifies an early termination clause, this is considered illegal. If the landlord-tenant law in Dubai does not include an early termination clause, the landlord may sue the tenant for breaching the lease and leaving early.

It is unnecessary to go for a lawyer if a tenant wishes to terminate the lease agreement early. However, if you still want to do so, it is critical to hire an experienced real estate lawyer from the legal 500. Each of our experts has handled tenancy agreements like this before.

Can the landlord ask the tenant to move out?

If the tenant isn’t ready to leave, the real estate owner cannot ask him to or if the contract says otherwise. In Dubai, our tenancy law states that a landlord cannot simply send a text message or call a renter stating that they have 12 months to evict the property. The notice must be given in writing, through registered mail, or by a notary public. If a dispute arises, the landlord must demonstrate that the notice was sent legitimately and by the law and that the tenant received it.

The 12 months notice can be given by the landlord to the tenant at any point during the tenancy, assuming there are no special conditions in the tenancy agreement that requires otherwise. As previously said, the notice must be for a minimum of 12 months, and to make things even clearer and more transparent, the notification must also state the date by which the renter must give back the property.

Legit reasons to be asked for eviction, but even then, the landlord is required to serve the renter with a notary public or registered postal notice.

  • If the tenant did not pay rent even after thirty days notice period.
  • Subleasing property without the landlord’s consent.
  • Inappropriate usage of the property.

However, if you face these issues with your landlord or tenant, we at the legal 500 are always there to help you. We have a team-based of highly qualified lawyers to help you tackle this problem and develop practical solutions. As compared to the other tenancy problems, this one can be resolved on your own. All you need is to be careful when signing contracts, so make sure you are reading thoroughly.

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