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Are you interested in creating second marriage? Do you need to know about the second marriage laws in UAE? Then you have landed on the perfect website. You have to get all the necessary information about the second marriage law here. We offer different law facilities and work as a Muslim second marriage website in UAE. We will help you decide to look for second marriage with a Muslim. You will get to know all the Shariah and Sunnah aspects of Islam in this article.

You are a resident of UAE, a Muslim by faith, following the Holly religion of Islam. Then before heading towards your second marriage, you must be aware of the crucial second marriage laws in UAE. These laws are enforced in UAE by the government. The principles of these laws are from the prevailing Shariah and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

To do second marriage, you must be aware of the permissions, legality, and punishments set by the UAE government. To marry a second wife in Islam, does a man need to get permission from his first wife to do second marriage in Muslim law? Is second marriage legal in UAE without divorce in the first one? What are the punishments you are sure to face? If you do a second marriage without divorce from the first one. These points and problems are impactful in life. Due to these, relationships are ruined, and the lives of innocents are destroyed.

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Second marriage in UAE without first wife’s permission

To follow this second marriage law is very easy for men. Because it is in their maximum favor, on this law of authorization from the first wife, the prevailing Shariah defines that a Muslim man is allowed to marry a second wife. He does not require to take a permit from his first wife for this action.

Like the sayings of Islam, the UAE laws also suggest that your suitable manner and kind behavior towards your wives is you should first ask your first wife to get a second one. It might become easy for her to go through these situations and may not hurt her feelings. She might also give you permission for second marriage if you are a good husband to her.

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For Muslim women, their husbands can marry a second wife without their authorization under the second marriage law of UAE. You will be getting the maintenances by your husband for yourself and your children if any. He will be paying for your food, expenses, clothing, and temporary accommodations during the period of your iddah. All these expenses of the first wife will be free of the other one, and they exist regardless of your financial resources. According to UAE laws and the Islamic government, you can file a case against your husband if he does not do so.

Second marriage without divorce is legal?

Is second marriage illegal? When it comes to legality and divorce for second marriage, there are different laws of second marriage in Muslim law. The UAE government has enforced these laws taught to us Muslims by the perfect Shariah of Islam.

The distinction between second marriage laws is that second marriage without divorce is legal for a man. On the other side, the woman has to take or get a divorce or separation from her husband and complete the period of iddah. After that, she can get into another man’s life as his wife. Otherwise, second marriage will be a haram relationship for the woman.

According to the second marriage law in UAE, it is entirely legal for a Muslim man to do second marriage in Islam without divorcing the first one. For a man without divorce, a second marriage is possible according to law. A man can enter a second wife in UAE in his nikkah. But illegal and haram for a Muslim woman to do second marriage without taking a divorce from the first one. Even after divorce, the expanses of the woman will be the responsibility of her divorced husband during the period of iddah (four months and ten days).

When the divorce is final between the husband and wife, the woman is no longer part of the life of her former man, his property, and his inheritance. Only the man has to pay the Haq-Mehr to the woman as decided in the Nikkah. The Haq-Mehr is the right of the wife authorized by Deen-e-Islam. It should be according to the financial state of the man.

A Muslim widow’s second marriage is allowed when she completes her iddah period; after completing that, she is free to be any Muslim’s second wife.

Punishment for second marriage without divorce?

There may be conditions for second marriage without divorce in Islam. But there is no punishment for second marriage without divorce in Islam. In Islam, a man can marry a second wife, and it will not concern the first one. Islam demands equality among both first and second wives in means of behavior, expenses, time, and other related things among both wives the men.

The husband has to make decisions judiciously and fairly while keeping his abilities in mind. He can happily go for second marriage if he has good health and body. He must have a healthy and reasonable income which is enough to fill all the rights of both wives.

There is no need to divorce the first wife, and your wives cannot also force you the divorce. In case there is a stipulation or clause in the Nikkah Nama that states the prevention of second marriage for the man. Then the wife has all the rights to file a case against her husband, and it will be legal to get divorced. These things are included in second marriage without divorce and in the second marriage law in UAE.

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If a husband is heading towards second marriage, his first wife will have certain rights, so he will also have certain rights. The man has to provide his first wife with the necessities of life after his second marriage. He has to maintain equal relationships among the whole family. After all of this, if the husband is not financially stable and good in health. Then he must not go for second marriage. He has also to take care of the second wife’s legal rights.

Suppose you are heading towards second marriage as a residence of the United Arab Emirates. Then you must keep all the mentioned points in mind. So that you do not disturb your and other person’s life, keep your financial and health state under consideration as it will matter after your second marriage.

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