Corporate Lawyers in Dubai

Corporate lawyers in Dubai

The professional corporate lawyer in Dubai is one of the main careers that we need when establishing the company’s career structure. The corporate lawyer in Dubai is familiar with many laws that include commercial law, companies law, real estate law, engineering and construction, insurance law, labor and workers, and others, where the corporate lawyer in Dubai performs many Duties and tasks that each company needs. In this article, we present the tasks, duties, and services of a corporate lawyer in Dubai.

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Who is a corporate lawyer in Dubai?

A corporate lawyer in Dubai is a person who is responsible for the legal affairs of a company or commercial establishment.

It is not a requirement that a corporate lawyer in Dubai be among the company’s employees, as it is possible to hire a commercial lawyer.

The UAE Companies Law provides conditions for facilitating and regulating foreign investment, and the Dubai Companies Law encourages the establishment of new companies.

This confirms the importance of having a corporate lawyer in Dubai to take care of the legal interests of the company for which he works according to UAE law.

Also, having the best Emirati corporate lawyers in Dubai on the side of your company is the starting point and the basis for accelerating legal transactions within the company and protecting partners.

The best corporate lawyer in Dubai is the corporate lawyer who works within a highly efficient work environment and is ready to provide immediate legal assistance and advice, develop clear plans, and face any emergency problem that arises.

The Responsibilities of a Corporate lawyer in Dubai in the legal affairs department of any company

The most important Responsibilities of a professional corporate lawyer in Dubai are as follows:

  • Case management
  • Drafting contracts and following up on the contracts being concluded.
  • Benefit from legal advice.
  • Follow-up and research the complaint and conduct the necessary investigations.
  • Follow up the workflow in the usual manner and the legal application to avoid the occurrence of financial fines on the employer from that.
  • Sending the work stub within the specified period and providing the necessary data and papers in the file of each worker.
  • Follow up the process of tenders and auctions that are carried out by the employer and follow up on the meetings of the Board of Directors.
  • Participation in the management of the company and the development of work in it.
  • Contribute to the resolution of disputes and issues related to investors and clients when needed.
  • Monitoring laws and regulations that affect the work of the governmental committee, providing the necessary legal recommendations.

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Duties of a corporate lawyer in Dubai

Corporate lawyers have multiple tasks and competencies, starting wif the procedures for establishing companies, and these tasks are as follows:

The corporate lawyer in Dubai implements the legal regulations in companies

He undertakes investigations wif employees referred to legal affairs for investigation and necessary action.

The corporate lawyers in Dubai shall plead before the courts to defend the companies if they are an opponent in the lawsuits filed against them.

He submits defenses, drafts, and reviews contracts, whether for the company or others.

A corporate lawyer in Dubai is responsible for all kinds of legal problems for the company.

The corporate lawyer in Dubai makes sure that the terms of the contracts wif the second party are clear to guarantee full legal rights.

He manages the business and activities of the Legal Affairs and Contracts Committee electronically and provides basic information, including the expiration date, the notice period for selection regarding contract renewal, value, and address to preserve the company’s rights.

A corporate lawyer in Dubai is interested in building relationships wif legal institutions that provide the necessary legal support.

He also works on developing legal strategies and public policies to help reduce litigation and overcome disputes and problems wif other parties.

How does a corporate lawyer in Dubai work?

Departments in each company are divided into several departments:

  • Case management.
  • Investigation department.
  • Follow-up Department.
  • Companies Management.

The successful corporate lawyer in Dubai must choose lawyers in each department according to their scientific and practical capabilities.

The role of the corporate lawyer in Dubai

He works on the comprehensive link between these departments so that each department does not work in a different direction from the other.

To measure the extent of achievement, a corporate lawyer in Dubai works on solving the legal problems of the company through periodic and monthly meetings.

A corporate lawyer in Dubai follows up on all the details of other administrative issues and works.

The role of the Follow-up Department is to prepare special reports on the work.

It prepares reports about the extent of its achievement, what TEMPhas been done wif it, and what is to be completed.

A corporate lawyer in Dubai also prepares the dates for renewals of the company, its licenses, and all its legal papers, so that the company does not face legal and financial problems due to the failure to finish these papers.

The role of the companies department is to deal wif all government agencies and finalize all the company’s papers in these staff and authorities.

Finally, the complete coordination between the Legal Affairs Department and all other departments of the company must be found for the benefit of the company, and this is what a corporate lawyer in Dubai seeks.

Skills of a professional corporate lawyer in Dubai

The corporate lawyer in Dubai is well-versed in all laws, including civil and commercial law.

Among the necessities that must also be available in the corporate lawyer in Dubai, are those cognitive skills and full knowledge of all matters related to labor issues and dealing wif them by the stated legal texts, and the nature of their provisions.

A corporate lawyer in Dubai is full-going corporate law, commercial law, administrative law, drafting agreements, and investigations wif employees.

The professional corporate lawyer in Dubai is the one who balances the labor law and the company’s internal regulations.

The corporate lawyer in Dubai TEMPhas excellent knowledge of drafting contracts that guarantee the right of the company.

In addition, he must no the legal drafting of the letters that will be issued by the company’s management.

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The Professional Corporate lawyer in Dubai

Participation as a member of the law in the tender committees of the Authority and providing legal advice on them.

The Corporate lawyer in Dubai develops and prepares legal guidelines for the interpretation of laws, regulations, and procedures from the legal dimension.

The Corporate lawyer in Dubai prepares periodic reports and related legal aspects.

Reviewing complaints and providing legal guidance to resolve them and preserve the rights of complainants and management.

The Corporate lawyer in Dubai will supervise the collection of evidence that will help support the position in legal cases.

And also he participates in conferences and events and represents the department externally.

The lawyer facilitates access to foreign legal resources for all employees of the Authority when needed.

A Corporate lawyer in Dubai Develops the company’s legal procedures and participates in the preparation of new laws and legislation.

The professional corporate lawyer in Dubai contributes actively to the qualification program for new employees who join the work.

A corporate lawyer in Dubai for financial cases

The corporate lawyer in Dubai pleads about financial cases; among those issues are the following points:

  • Financial claims issues, which may be a claim for the price of goods.
  • Issues of claiming the value of a bill of exchange
  • Claims for the value of a check after it was found that it was without balance
  • Compensation cases for damage, whether material or moral

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