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Terms & Conditions

Thank you for using LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai; These terms and conditions regulate your user’s connected directly to the items, services, software, and framework, but also websites made available by “LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai” Implemented and any of our associates communally, “LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai.”

By using our Solutions, you acknowledge that you are bound by these Aspects in addition to our Privacy Policy.

If you use our Solutions as an agent or employee of a firm, you accept these conditions on their behalf.

You concur with our Service Conditions while using “LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai.” You must also be an independent person, as described by UAE law.

1. Free Trials, Auto-Renewals, as well as Paid Accounts

“LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai” provided court case proposals for restricted access to the Solutions to new consumers who provided a legitimate payment method, like a credit card or other form of payment.

If you begin a Trial Offer, you would be automatically registered in the premium membership you selected at the end of the Offer, as well as you agree to allow “LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai” to start charging your payment system a regularly occurring monthly membership fee or yearly subscription fee, as relevant.

If you are using Services other than those included with the Court Case Offer, you might well be required to buy those Services separately or update to a premium membership before the Trial Deal ends.

Except if you inform us that you wish to cancel or decline your subscription, “LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai” could incur you after the trial or for membership renewal; Anywhere at the time, you could indeed switch from an auto-renewing premium membership to a free version.

“LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai” would then store and keep updating your payment option on file, for example, upon expiration, to make sure seamless services and to allow you to comfortably buy extra services and products.

If for any purpose we are not able to pay your assigned payment option, we have the option to downgrade your paid subscription to a lower-priced plan or revoke your premium membership till your assigned payment option can indeed be charged once more.

Please keep in mind that you have to maintain up-to-date credit card data on file with LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai.

2. Policy on Refunds

We would like you to be completely pleased with our services; If you are dissatisfied or genuinely think there has been an invoicing error, contact our Customer Service Team quickly by email at ( or through phone at (00971502045274) so that we may assist you in fixing the dispute, providing a refund, or offering credit that it can be utilized for future Benefits.

All refund requests must be filed within thirty days of the purchase date; If you wish to revoke an annual payment, you could indeed request a prorated refund for the time you have never used; In requesting a refund for an annual subscription.

We do not provide refunds for payments made to us for integration offerings (including registered office amenities) or to other 3rd parties involved in the fulfillment of your order.

We also cannot pay back any funds you have paid directly to 3rd parties, like Free Lancing Attorneys / Advisors “Affiliate Lawyer.”

We gratefully provide refunds for payment issues; If you modify your mind and decide to revoke a premium account, we can offer a prorated refund.

We do not provide refunds for offerings that you’ve already utilized unless there is a legitimate reason.

3. Our website’s content ( does not comprise professional counsel

The data supplied by LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai, as well as the content on our webpage concerning matters of law (“Lawful Knowledge”), is for your personal use only and does not comprise legal counsel; If you require legal guidance for a particular issue, you could perhaps agree with us.

4. Communication with a Free Lancing Adviser / Expert “Affiliate Solicitor” on “”

When you utilize our Services, you will be offered the option of contacting an individual lawyer, also known as a Free Lancing Attorney / Advisor “Affiliate Advocate.”

independent lawyers are not employees or agents of “LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai” They are impartial third who practices their own accord and has did agree to just provide online responses, restricted counseling sessions, or other basic legal assistance via our website

Nevertheless, if you decide to contact a Free Lancing Solicitor / Advisor ” Affiliate Lawyer ” via our official site “,” kindly keep this in mind:

Once you contact a Free Lancing Lawyer / Advisor ” Affiliate Advocate ” via our website ”,” he or she might offer you an initial appointment, a lawful overview of your forms, or files, or responses to your points of law.

Please be aware that any such communication is aimed to be a starting point for interacting with a legal issue or attempting to address basic legal queries, and that any lawyer connection created during the session of that communication is purely between yourself and the Free Lancing Lawyer and Exempts ” LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai “.

Once you contact a Free Lancing Solicitor / Advisor ” Affiliate Lawyer ” via our official site “,” he or she could request some details about you and your regulatory matters to answer your queries.

By using our Services, you agree to share such personally identifiable information with both the sends a request lawyer and “LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai ” to obtain legal counsel.

Any interactions presented through our framework would be accessible to us for satisfaction and quality management reasons.

Once you access a Free Lancing Solicitor / Consultant “Affiliate Solicitor” via our official site “,” you have complete control over the period and scope of the communication.

Any attorney-client connection founded during that engagement may, at your discretion, end once the communication with the Free Lancing Lawyer / Advisor “Affiliate Solicitor” comes to an end, or proceed if you desire to retain the Free Lancing Lawyer / Advisor “Affiliate Solicitor” or further legal support.

If you desire to define an attorney-client connection with a Free Lancing Lawyer / Advisor “Affiliate Lawyer” that expanded further than your utilization of our Solutions, that connection will be contingent on whatever concepts you agree with the lawyer in inquiry; Those aspects DO NOT encompass “LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai.” We do not set, regulate, or impact them.

For instance, the Free Lancing Lawyer / Advisor “Affiliate Lawyer” could request that you join a formal participation agreement outlining the work that they would then accomplish, the expense of their legal assistance, and how they’ll handle any out-of-pocket expenditures which may arise.

“LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai” would not impact or interact in any manner with the impartial professional opinion of any Free Lancing lawyer. In their absolute discretion, the Free Lancing Lawyer / Advisor may refuse to provide lawful services for you.

“LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai” helps make no representation or guarantee regarding any Free Lancing Attorney / Lawyer’s credentials or expertise, or regarding the precision or comprehensiveness of any Free Lancing Lawyer / Adviser’s work.

LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai Presumes Neither Culpability nor Obligation or Anything for any Expert Services Offered According to any FREE LANCING Solicitor Consulting firm you Interaction on or Via our official ””

And Also any use Would Depend on Significant Managed Services Would Be at your Ultimate Danger.

5. Attorney Biographies on our Official site

Free Lancing Lawyers’ “Affiliate Solicitor” characteristics on our official site should indeed be construed as adverts. “LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai” somehow doesn’t explore, check, or warrant the truthfulness of any affiliate lawyer / Consultant profile on our official site.

Some Free Lancing maybe 3rd independent contractors who are directly responsible for the information they give, the services they offer, as well as the depictions they end up making about themselves.

You are purely accountable for evaluating the performance, honesty, appropriateness, and truthfulness of all individuals with who you interact about your specific requests.

6. Business formation and register, as well as registered trademarks Service of Enrolled Agent

“LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai” every once in a while collaborates with other firms and/or third parties to complete business formation, trademark, registration trademarks act operative, or other business having to fill orders.

You recognize and agree that “LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai” would then share definite personally identifiable details about you with the appropriate third supplier on your behalf.

Your fully integrated institution must have a representative or a comparable on file with the appropriate department of the province, region, or authority.

By buying service from “LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai,” you authorize “LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai” or/and its third-party supplier to accept service of procedure on your behalf, along with any notifications of court proceedings, both these legal documentation, or official government interaction, as well as any objects encased by the corresponding statutory provision, rule, or regulatory.

You also grant such Third Party, Company, and Agent permission to scan, update, and transfer any such communication systems did receive on your behalf to your email address and then into your account.

“LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai” and/or its “partners” also may upwards physical mail did receive on your behalf to the business once suitable.

Please feel free to contact us at (00971502045274) or for any updates.

“LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai” having to file services are designed for users who want to start their own business (es).

Communications about “LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai” filings would be routed to the business address and company owner information we have on the document.

A Third Party service would then keep renewing for consecutive one-year terms at the end of each membership period to guarantee uninterrupted service.

If you choose to not opt out of this auto-renewal program, “LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai” would then start charging the credit or debit card you supplied with your initial order and regenerate you for the service term you chose.

Third-party services included with the Expand Membership would then instantly renew for the duration of the Expand Membership.

“LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai” retains the right to raise all service charges at any time and without notice. Nevertheless, we would then inform you of any increase in your service fees before reactivating your service.

You could revoke the Third Party agent service at any point by calling “LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai” all through normal office hours at (00971502045274).

“LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai” does not provide full or deducted refunds for Third Party agent services that are decided to cancel.

These services are bought and restored every year, and they must be decided to cancel before the payment date to prevent recurring yearly fees.

If your organization is disintegrated, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, you indeed must notify “LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai” so that we may revoke any Third Party agent facilities that are no longer required.

Your Third Part agent membership would then proceed to refresh and invoice as outlined in this section until we are made aware alternatively.

If “LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai” is not paid in full, “LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai” reserves the right to end your 3rd Party agent service.

You concur to endure all risks, as well as “LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai” will not be responsible or fully accountable for any harm or disruption caused or asserted to be induced by dismissal.

7. Membership Termination and Access Restriction

“LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai” retains the right, in its absolute discretion, to scale down or discontinue your use of the Services at any time for any reason.

For instance, if you do not conform with these Aspects, or if you utilize the Services in a way that exposes us to legal responsibility, disrupts the Facilities, or disrupts the use of others, we could revoke or terminate your usage of the Amenities.

If “LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai” decides to close your account, “LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai” would then notify you via the email address you’ve provided.

“LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai” also reserves the option to alter or immediately cease any aspect of its Amenities, either temporarily or permanently.

At any time, “LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai” has the option to scale down or revoke your account. This is an extremely rare event that would take place only if you violated the service, breaking the law, and otherwise abusing the service.

8. Document Ownership and Preservation

“LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai” does not claim rights to any records you generate, upload, hand over, or store when using our solutions.

You give “LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai” approval to use your Files in correlation with offering services to you.

You recognize and agree that “LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai” could retain and expose these Files if mandated by law or in the good faith belief that certain retention or disclosing is fairly necessary to achieve any objective of the following:

(1) to meet legal procedure, relevant laws, or government demands; (2) to impose these Terms; (3) to reply to asserts that any content violates the right of 3rd parties; or (4) to defend “LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai,” its consumers, as well as the public.

You acknowledge that the technological production process and transmitting of the service, such as your content, could entail data transmission across different networks as well as modifications to comply and make adjustments to technical specifications of interpectoral devices.

You concur that “LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai” is not liable or responsible for erasing or having failed to store any content preserved or submitted by the Services.

The records you generate, and end up saving with us, as well as store on our website are yours.

However, if mandated by law, we have the authority to start sharing them with law enforcement.

9. Acceptance of Emails

You consent to receive communication systems from “LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai” like newsletters, special offers, account remembrances, and notifications by contracting with us or registering for an account. You also comprehend that you may unsubscribe from these communication systems by having to click the “Unsubscribe” connection in the email’s footer.

10. Physical and electronic signature criteria

“LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai” allows you to submit and end up receiving legitimate physical and electronic markers in the UAE; “LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai” does not verify the signatures or allegiances of users or customers.

You hereby assent to the use of electronic signatures on “LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai” when you utilize the Services.

You also concur that no certification authority or other 3rd confirmation is required to verify your physical or electronic signature and that the absence of such certification or third-party verification will not have any bearing on the lawfulness of your electronic signature or any eventually results signed contract utilizing “LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai ” e – signature service and techniques.

“LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai” somehow doesn’t verify the signatures or identities of its customers.

11. Acceptable Communications Service Use

Our Services include a wide range of what are referred to as “Communications Services.” This included live chats, comments sections, blogs, questions and answers items, customer support interaction forums, calendar events, as well as other similar services.

When you use the Communication Service, you concur not to do any of the following:

Defame, abuse, harass, stalk, threaten, and otherwise contravene another person’s rights under the law.

Any names, equipment, or details that are deemed wrong, vituperative, defamatory, intruding, outrageous, inappropriate, or illegal should not be published, posted, uploaded, distributed, or disseminated.

Create an artificial identity, pose as another, or sign a contract as another person or on behalf of someone else, and otherwise make false or remove any substantial inferences or takes notice in an uploaded file.

Upload files containing software or other information secured by intellectual property laws or confidentiality or publicity rights, unless you own or regulate the required permissions or have did receive all required assent.

Upload corrupted documents, malware, or other files that could harm the procedure of someone else’s computer.

Unless and to the extent that a different Communications Service expressly permits such action, you may not promote, propose to sell, or propose to purchase anything for business reasons.

Restriction or impediment of any other participant’s use as well as enjoyment of the Communication Services.

Without their permission, extract and otherwise gather personally identifiable data about others.

Violate any rules of conduct or other guidance that could apply to a specific Communication Service.

Infringe on any applicable laws or regulations.

Even though “LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai ” has no obligation to supervise the Communication Services, we retain the right to examine and eliminate materials posted to a Communication Service, whole or in part, at our choice.

12. No Illegal or Prohibited Utilize

You are allowed to use our Facilities when they do not disagreement with or violate local rules (s). The accessibility of our Services in your jurisdiction(s) does not constitute a request or offer to connect or use our webpage or Services by “LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai.”

Through using our Offerings, you recognised sole obligation to ensure that the use or connect directly to our Offerings by you or any close relative does not violate any legal requirements in your jurisdiction (s); To start enforcing this provision, “LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai” retains the right, at our absolute discretion, to refuse membership, revoke or terminate your account, or both, instantly and without advance notification.

The following things are explicitly excluded or prohibited:

Use in correlation with any legal issue that is frivolous, inconsequential, or illegal, as ascertained by “LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai” or the Free Lancing Attorney / Consultant “Affiliate Lawyer” in their absolute discretion; Being used in correlation with any legal issue encompassing an accusation violent crime; or used in connection with just about any legal issue encompassing the legislation of jurisdictions other than the United Arab Emirates;

Being used in connection with any legal issue that, in the sole discretion of the Free Lancing Lawyer / Advisor “Affiliate Lawyer,” lack adequate validity to warrant additional investigation, or has been elevated an inordinate or inexplicable number of times without the need for a shift in circumstances;

Use in connection with any legal issue involving any Free Lancing Lawyer / Advisor “Affiliate Attorney” beside your lawyer;

Use in connection with any legal issue involving “LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai” or any of their Subcontracts, 3rd Parties, affiliates, Partner organizations, Business Sponsors / Local Agents Executives, Agents, Staff, or other “LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai” service providers, whether specifically or indirectly;

Use in any legal issue in which your Program Sponsor has adverse attention, or where any director, officer, agent, or worker of your Program Sponsor has detrimental attention.

For the reasons, this provides, “Program Sponsor” implies any company, organization, or affiliation that purchases or provides a “LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai” Professional Services and or legal assistance strategy on behalf of its employees or employees, either straight or through a Third Party or otherwise; If using “LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai” assistance would’ve been improper for any purpose, you concur not to do so.

You also concur not to employ LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai/Lawyer for frivolous claims, world relations, or violent crimes, or to employ “LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai/Lawyer” for any other purpose.

13. Grant of License

Topic to your acceptance of the terms and requirements of this Agreement, you are hereby given a non-exclusive, restricted, non-transferable, cancellable license to use the Services as we plan. As a registration ” LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai ” user, you have the right to keep electronic or physical copies of any records you generate on ” LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai ” for your files. You might not even reproduce the contents of “LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai” shapes as well as contracts to be used or sold from outside “LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai.” “LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai” reserves all privileges not expressly provided in these Aspects.

Once you submit user content to “LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai,” you hereby give “LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai ” and its affiliates, such as its 3rd Party(s), Outsource(s), Subsidiary(s), Agents, as well as Business Partners, a nonexclusive, royalty-free, self-perpetuating, irreversible, as well as completely sub properly licensed right to use, reproduce, adjust, adapt, publish, translate, develop derivative works from, distribute, undertake, and showcase such content anywhere in the globe in any media.

If you provide feedback or comments about our Services, we could use them without responsibility to you.

It is prohibited to resell or use and distribute Forms, Frameworks, and materials tried to download from the “LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai” official site. These components may be used for private or commercial purposes.

Any resale or redistributive taxation of our materials has required the express, written permission of “LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai,” the site’s owners.

As long as you abide by these aspects, you are free to use all “LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai” assistance as destined. The records you generate are yours to keep for individual use, but you must not sell or distribute the “LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai” template on which they are premised.

14. Rights to Intellectual Property

“LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai” retains all right, title, and involvement in and to its goods and services, which include, but are not limited to, software, images, text, visuals, illustrations, emblems, registered trademark, copyright laws, images, videos, music, as well as all linked rights to intellectual property. Except as otherwise specified in this contract, you may still not, but might not allow others to:

Replicate, modify, translate, improve, decompile, dismantle, reprogram, or make derivative works of any of our goods and services; sell, license, licensing agreement, rent, lease, distribute, copy, publicly display, publish, adapt, or edit any of our goods and services; or circumvent or deactivate any of our goods’ or services’ safety or structures that promote.

The layout, text, graphics, as well as their selection as well as agreement, as well as services, official documents, files, guidelines, and any other content discovered on our website, all are owned by “LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai,” except third-party content (s).

We own the “LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai” logo, website – “ ” -, software, trademarks, goods, and offerings. You agree that you will not copy or sell any of our intellectual property.

15. Links to Other Parties Sites

“LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai” websites – – could comprise “links” to other parties’ Online sources and businesses.

These links are provided for your ease to assist you in identifying and locating additional Internet resources that might be of involvement to you.

“LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai” somehow doesn’t sponsor or legally bind any third-party linked sites. The components of any Linked Site are not controlled, endorsed, or monitored by “LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai.”

This includes, but is not limited to, any additional links enclosed in a Linked Site, as well as any modifications or notifications to a Linked Site.

“LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai” is not liable for any webcasting or other shape of transmitting did receive from any Linked Site.

You should carefully read the terms and conditions as well as the privacy policies of any third-party sites thoughtfully.

If you use any services offered on a Linked Site, (a) “LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai” won’t be liable for the 3rd party’s action or omission, including 3rd party’s connectivity to or usage of your customer information, and (b) “LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai” somehow doesn’t warrant or endorse any services offered by the 3rd party.

16. Liability and Representations

The data, software, products, as well as services offered by “LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai”, could contain factual errors or typographical errors.

“LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai” and/or its providers reserve the right to make changes or enhancements to our Services at any time.

Data gleaned through “LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai” should not be utilized for personal, medical, or legal purposes.

For specific recommendations tailor-made to your circumstance, you should consult a suitable expert. To summarize, you use our facilities at your own risk.

” LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai ” and its affiliates, suppliers, and distribution partners end up making no implied or explicit warranty claims about the services to the fullest extent allowed by law.

We just provide services “as is,” as well as we make no warranties of merchantability, fitness for a specific purpose, or non-infringement. Data and viewpoints obtained through the website shouldn’t be depended on for personal, healthcare, lawful, or financial decisions, and you ought to seek detailed recommendations tailored to your circumstance from a primarily focusing.

To the fullest extent allowed by law, “LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai,” its affiliates, suppliers, or distributors shall not be subject to liability for any indirect, special, largely irrelevant, punitive, exceptional, or pivotal losses or damages of use, information, business, or revenues, irrespective of legal principle, irrespective of whether LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai was warned of the potential of such harm, and even if a cure fails of its core purpose.

The aggregate liability of “LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai ” for all charges related to the supply of services on no occasion surpasses the larger of AED 5,000 (Five Thousand) or the price spent by you to “LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai “, whichever is less.

17. Release and Indemnity

You consent to release, indemnify, as well as hold harmless “LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai” and its affiliates, as well as their corresponding staff, executives, and agents, from any failures, harm, and expenditure, such as sensible lawyers’ fees, privileges, claims, the behavior of every kind, as well as injury (such as death) emerging out of any third-party charges related to your usage of the Service, your infringement of these Aspects, or your infringement of any privileges of another.

To sum up, “LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai” is not liable for any event that occurs as a result of you breaching these terms, infringing on the privileges of another person, or infringing just on the rights of a 3rd party

18. Conflict and Controlling Laws

Often these customer complaints could be quickly resolved and satisfactorily by contacting our Trying to manage Partners at 00971502045274; You could also contact us via email at

Nevertheless, if “LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai” is unable to reach an agreement with you after trying to do so unofficially, we collectively decide to help solve such a dispute via Dubai Courts as a situation of your access to the Services.

In addition to the precepts of conflicts of laws, this accord is governed by the laws of the United Arab Emirates

19. Total Agreement

This Agreement constitutes the sole and exclusive official agreement between yourself and “LI & CO Lawyers in Dubai.”

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