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How to get a copy of the criminal complaint 2022?

How to get a copy of the criminal complaint in 2022? In this article, you will get everything on how to get a copy of a criminal complaint in the UAE. 

What is a criminal complaint?

What is a criminal complaint?

In Dubai, a “criminal complaint” is a self-contained charge that mainly contains information to allow a judge to correctly conclude that a crime was likely committed and that the culprit, the defendant, is probably responsible, based on reasonable inferences.
A criminal complaint, sometimes known as a felony complaint, differs from a civil complaint in specific ways. The government typically files the criminal complaint against the individual rather than the individual submitting it. Individuals may, however, bring criminal charges in several states. It’s essentially a court-issued document that accuses the suspect or defendant of particular offenses.

How to check criminal complaint status?

You are able to inquire about the status of your criminal complaint with the help of basic information about your case. If you want to check criminal complaint status, you can use the below four points. They will guarantee to help you in checking or monitoring your or others’ criminal complaint status.

  • The number for the call center is 901.
  • The mailing address to send Mail is
  • Live chat is available in the app and on the website.
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates, P.O. Box 1493

How to get a copy of the criminal complaint?

Any party who disagrees with the Court’s judgment of First Instance can appeal to the Court of Appeal and then appeal to the Court of Cassation against the Appeal Court’s ruling. The accused has 15 days from the date of receiving the verdict from the Court of First Instance to submit an appeal, while the Court of Cassation has 30 days to review the decision of the Appeal Court.

Do you want to get a copy of a criminal complaint? If so, then you have to follow the below mention steps:

  1. At first, have to submit the request or an application with the required documents through the channels.
  2. Then you have to pay the application of prescribed charges.
  3. If your request or application gets approved, you will receive the court minutes copies of the criminal case file document.

By following the three steps mentioned earlier properly. You will be able to get a copy of the criminal complaint.

The required documents for the application are the I.D. of the United Arab Emirates. The Card of the lawyer or his delegate (original for review and a copy for the records). In the case that the agent requests the service, the legal POA will be used. Power of Attorney (i.e., A power of Attorney is a formal authorization to represent or act on behalf of someone in private, business, or legal matters. It is also known as a letter of Attorney.) One last document that will be required is the trade license. Those were the documents required for a copy of the criminal complaint.

The fees description for the copies of the criminal complaint is in two different categories. First, if you want or you are requesting the Copy of Court Records for a Criminal Case. Then you have to pay a fee of AED 150 as the charges for a copy of the criminal complaint. Second, if you want or you are requesting for a copy of the Documents of a Criminal Case File. Then you have to pay a fee of AED 37 as the charges for a copy of the criminal complaint.

How to get a Dubai court judgment copy?

In order to get the judgment copy of the job report, you have to consider the steps and procedures of services and the requirements and documents.

For the steps and procedures of the service, you have to pay the required fees. After paying the fees, you will need a concerned approval then you have to submit a request or an application for the judgment copy.

You have to make the application from a lawyer or the lawyer’s representative to submit it for a copy of the judgment. 

Criminal case inquiry Dubai

The creditor doesn’t have to register a police report in the same Emirate where you resided. So, if you are a Dubai resident looking for your creditor or bank to file a case at one of the Emirate’s police stations, you’re in for a rude awakening.

Residents may now check online if they have any financial issues pending in Dubai alone; this service is unavailable in the other Emirates. Residents in the UAE may check if they have a travel ban due to financial issues in the Emirate of Dubai via a free internet tool provided by the Dubai Police. To utilize the service, you must first input your Emirates ID card number and verify the mobile number associated with your Emirates ID. The requester of the case inquiry will be required to authenticate their identity using an OTP issued to their cellphone number after inputting the UID number. Visit the Dubai Police website or download the Dubai Police app from iTunes or Google Play to use the service.

Criminal proceedings in the UAE may be complicated and intimidating, especially for foreigners who do not know Arabic. Those considering filing a criminal complaint and those who have been the subject of one might find the information above helpful. Although the procedure may differ significantly from other countries, many essentials will remain the same, such as the accused’s ability to submit a defense and the right to appeal.

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