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car insurance types in Dubai

All you need to know about the five-car insurance types in Dubai

Car insurances are the most common thing in Dubai. There are five different car insurance types in Dubai. Suppose you are looking for the best car company in Dubai you have to do some research about car insurance companies in Dubai.

It is mandatory to get your car insurance in Dubai. You have to look at some essentials before you are up to get car insurance in Dubai. When you know about all the conditions for car insurance in Dubai, you will be able to choose a car insurance type between the five different car insurance types in Dubai.

What is car insurance?

car insurance types

Car insurance is a very helpful insurance facility like any other insurance facility. In any case of an accident or theft, car insurance is a contract between you and the insurance provider company that protects you financially. The insurance carrier promises to cover your losses as stipulated in your policy in exchange for you paying more money.

Vehicle insurance covers insurance of your cars, automobiles, Lorries, motorbikes, and other vehicles on the road. Its major purpose is to offer you financial protection against physical injuries or bodily harm caused by traffic collisions and the responsibility that may emerge as a result of such occurrences.

According to the Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai, it is mandatory to have car insurance in Dubai. With so many various types of auto insurance and plans available in Dubai, choosing the one that best suits your budget and needs necessitates research.

How does car insurance work in Dubai?

Your vehicle is covered by your Dubai car insurance policy not just in the event of an accident but also in a natural disaster. On the other hand, the procedure and the firm you choose for your Dubai auto insurance will determine the full insurance coverage. It will be measured by the type of car insurance company you choose.

You never know when you’ll encounter an issue on Dubai roads, such as a flat tire or running out of gas. If you have emergency services coverage, you can contact your insurance company for roadside assistance in this situation. Some insurance providers, however, do not give 24-hour roadside assistance. Before enrolling, double-check that your insurance covers emergency care 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The five-car insurance types in Dubai

This guide to car insurance in Dubai will help you understand the many car insurance types. So you can receive the best protection for yourself and your vehicle based on your responses to the two questions above.

Here are the five different forms of car insurance available in Dubai and what each one covers.

  1. Comprehensive Basic Policy

The basic Comprehensive Policy is your car’s basic protection plan, and it will protect you from third-party damage and injury claims and your own. Accidental collisions, natural disasters, theft, fire, external explosions, self-ignition, and intentional malevolent activity by a third party individual or group can cause damage or loss to your vehicle (e.g., vandalism).

Insurance companies in UAE that sell a Comprehensive Basic Policy are legally required to provide this type of coverage at 3% to 5% of the vehicle’s value.

  • Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy with add-ons:

The Comprehensive Policy plan is expensive since it includes coverage for damage to third-party cars and damage to your vehicle, giving you more bang for your buck. Burglary, fire, natural disasters (rain and lightning), and unintentional accidents are all covered. It might also involve injuries from colliding with an animal or breaking a window.

It’s worth noting that insurance companies are only allowed to charge a maximum of 5% of the car’s value. In Dubai, comprehensive automobile insurance is not offered for cars older than seven years.

  • Comprehensive Premium Policy:

The Comprehensive Premium Policy is the most costly car insurance in Dubai, and it is only offered to a restricted group of customers who pay an additional 1% to 2%. This insurance protects the automobile owner from third-party claims if you damage their vehicle and any damages or losses to your car.

The following are some of the factors used by insurance companies to evaluate this premium vehicle insurance package:

  • Age
  • Car
  • Balance Interest Rate
  • Third-Party Liability Insurance:

Third-Party Liability Insurance provides the bare minimum of vehicles insurance needed by UAE law. This is a very minimal level of coverage required by UAE legislation, and This covers any third-party death or physical harm and property damage caused by the insured party’s vehicle.

This coverage does not cover loss or damage to your car unless the other party is at fault, in which case you must file a claim with their insurance company. However, this insurance is restricted since it does not cover any damages to your car or injuries.

  • Third-Party Liability Insurance with Theft and Fire Add-on:

It is an optional coverage that includes theft and fire provisions that aren’t covered by standard third-party liability insurance in the UAE. If your standard third-party liability insurance only covers third-party damage, you can purchase theft and fire coverage as add-ons.

It will contain everything in the standard Third Party Liability Insurance, but it will be more expensive because it will offer protection for your vehicle in the case of theft or fire damage.

Best car insurance in UAE

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How much is car insurance in Dubai

In Dubai, how much does auto insurance cost? According to the established laws and insurance policies described above, car insurance in Dubai costs between 1.25% and 3% of the vehicle’s worth in a year. The number of prior insurance claims, the driver’s age, and the driver’s license are all factors that might affect the cost of car insurance in Dubai.

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